Terms of service




We  are BODY  MACHINE PERFORMANCE  STUDIO LTD (BMPS), a limited  company incorporated in   England with registered number   09903737 and registered address at   2nd Floor Waverley House, 7-­‐‐12 Noel  Street, London, United Kingdom, W1F 8GQ. References  to “BMPS”, “Club”, “we” and “us” are references   to Body Machine Performance Studio Ltd.


You  must be  an existing  member in order  to sign up to the  BMPS Membership.


3.1   In these  Terms:

“Club  Terms and  Conditions” means  the provided Terms  and Conditions and which   may be requested from the Club  from time to time;

“Exclusive   Benefits” means   the exclusive benefits   provided by each BMPS   Membership in accordance with clause  5 hereof;

“BMPS  Member” means  the existing member;  

“BMPS   Membership”  means each of BMPS Member: One   Year Prepay and BMPS  Member: Rolling Membership in  accordance with clause 5 hereof;  

“Member”,   “your” and   “you” means the   BMPS Member, or   the company or organisation  on whose behalf the BMPS Member  accesses the Club;

“Membership   Fee" means the   table of fees applicable   to the BMPS Membership  Offer which we provide to the Member  in accordance with clause 6 hereof;

“Payment  Scheme” means  the terms of payment  in accordance with clause  6 hereof;

“SpinAddikts”  means indoor cycling  class provided by the  Club;

“Terms”   means these   terms of service   as amended from time   to time in accordance with  clause 3.2 hereof; and

“TRX”  means TRX  suspension training  provided by the Club.  

3.2   These  Terms set   out the terms   on which we offer   and provide the BMPS   Membership on which the BMPS  Member agrees are subject to the Club  Terms and Conditions.

3.3   All BMPS  Members are subject  to the Club Terms and  Conditions in full and maybe  amended  from time  to time.

3.4   Please  review these  Terms carefully  and make sure that  you understand them before  applying  for and using  the BMPS Membership.


By   applying   for and purchasing   the BMPS Membership,   the Member accepts and agrees  to be bound by these Terms in full  with any amendment or variation.

5.   PAYMENT  

5.1   Our Payment   Scheme includes   fees we will charge   the Member for providing   our Exclusive  Benefits:

5.2   Members  who elect  the BMPS  Member: One Year  Prepay must pay their  respective fee  as a  lump sum  upfront payment  to the Club.

5.3   Members   who elect   the BMPS  Member: Rolling   Membership must pay   the equivalent of 3  months lump sum upfront   payment and will pay the   direct debit monthly fee from  month 4 of their plan to the Club.  


6.1   We have   a zero cancellation   policy in regards to   the BMPS Member: One   Year Prepay  membership.    

6.2   The Member   may cancel the   BMPS Member: Rolling   Membership with thirty (30)   days prior written notice. You   must pay your full membership rate   during your months’ notice. Example: You  give notice to end your membership contract  on any day after the 1 October, but your   full calendar months’ notice will not start until   1 November and you will leave on 31 November (your   final payment will be for the month of November).


7.1   BMPS provides  the BMPS Membership, "as is" and without  any warranty or condition,  whether express,  implied or statutory.    

7.2   BMPS does  not exclude  or limit its  liability to you  where it would be  unlawful to do so.

7.3   Subject  to clause  7.2:

(a)   BMPS shall  only be liable  for the loss and  damage you suffer as  a foreseeable result of  a breach by the BMPS of the  Contract. Loss or damage is foreseeable  if either  it is obvious  that it will happen  or if, at the time the  Contract was made, both the  BMPS and you knew it might happen;  

(b)   BMPS shall  not be liable  for:

(i)   any loss,   damage or theft   of personal property   belonging to you or your  guests;  or

(ii)   death or  personal injury  of you or your guests;  or

(iii)   any other  loss or damage  that is not foreseeable;  

7.4   Subject  to clause  as per 7.2,  the maximum liability  of BMPS in respect of  any 12 month period, howsoever  arising, shall not in aggregate exceed  the amount of fees paid by you in such  12 month period.

8.   GENERAL  

8.1   These Terms  are agreed between  the Member and us. No  person shall have any rights   under or connection with these Terms  under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties)   Act 1999.

8.2   If any  court or  competent authority  decides that any term  of these Terms is held  to be invalid, unlawful or  unenforceable to any extent, such  term shall, to that extent only, be   severed from the remaining terms, which  shall continue to be valid to the fullest  extent permitted by law.

8.3   Headings   are for reference   purposes only and in   no way define, limit, construe   or describe  the extent  or scope of  such section.   

8.4   Our failure  to enforce any  provision of these  Terms shall not constitute  a waiver of that or any other  provision and will not relieve the  Member from the obligation to comply   with such provision.

8.5   The Terms  set out above  in respect to the  BMPS Membership Offer  are subject to the  Club Terms  and Conditions.  

8.6. Two Classes for £30 Offer - Offer only available for new customers. First session must be used within 14 days of purchase. Second session expires 10 days after initial session.